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Alarm Monitoring Services

All members of the Las Colinas Association can take advantage of the 24-hour central station dispatch and patrol services. These services are a benefit to the member and are part of your annual assessments. The Association´s central station is UL-listed and certified and monitors intrusion/burglar, police/panic and fire alarm signals.

The central station security alarm monitoring service is available to all members and tenants.  The security system must meet the Association´s technical specifications and requirements. (Please refer to the “technical specifications” in this section for further details.) In addition, all accounts whose alarms are monitored by the Association´s Security Department are provided with yard-mounted monitoring signs free of charge. Please note that the Association does not install or repair alarm systems. This must be done by a qualified, state-licensed alarm company of the property owner’s choosing.

Insurance companies frequently provide a discount to Members who have monitored alarm systems. Most require “proof of monitoring.” Please contact the Security Department — we will be happy to provide you with this documentation.


The Association has six marked vehicles which patrol throughout the development 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers are on the lookout for any suspicious activities or emergency situations, and they notify the City´s police or fire department when any of these situations are found.

If you are a member and wish to have your alarm system monitored by the  Security Department, or to request additional information about Security Services, click here:

Thinking of changing your phone service?

Please remember that any change in your phone service provider can potentially disrupt your alarm systems’ connection with your monitoring service!

Las Colinas Security wants to caution members from using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) method of alarm transmission, as this type of phone service is not yet fully regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and not all forms of this service may deliver alarm signal data with consistency. The Association does offer alternative methods of monitoring signal transmissions other than through a normal “land-line” telephone service.

You can read about these methods in our Technical Specifications.

Contact us if you have changed your phone or alarm service provider, or are planning to change. Please instruct your service provider to check our technical specifications or call Las Colinas Security at: 972-541-2345. Remember you should test your burglary alarm monthly!