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Security Services

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State of Texas – B05659
Fire – ACR 2023290

*Note: For patrol response or alarm testing, please call Dispatch as they cannot accept email requests for these.


Please fill out the information form corresponding to your property, sign it, and send it via email or USPS back to us.

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Alarm Monitoring Services:

All members of the Las Colinas Association (LCA) can take advantage of the 24-hour alarm monitoring center, LCA dispatch and general area patrol services. LCA’s alarm monitoring center is UL-listed and offers monitoring of intrusion/burglary, police/panic and fire alarm signals.

The security alarm monitoring service is available to all LCA members and tenants as part of the annual assessment benefits. To use LCA’s monitoring service, the member’s security system must meet LCA’s current technical specifications and requirements. (Please refer to the “technical specifications” in this section for further details.) Please note LCA does not sell, install or repair alarm systems. This must be done by a qualified, state-licensed alarm company of the property owners choosing.

Insurance companies frequently provide a discount to Members who have monitored alarm systems. Most require “proof of monitoring”. Please contact the Security Department – we will be happy to provide you with this documentation.

Members may also request a free LCA monitoring Yard Sign. Give LCA Dispatch a call or email Security Services to have one delivered to you.

For questions on the City of Irving Alarm Permits, visit the City of Irving Police Department website.

Mesh Radio Alarm Monitoring

LCA offers mesh radio alarm monitoring for members who don’t have or don’t want to use their landline or cell phone. This cost-saving option allows you to install a radio communicator that links your current alarm system with LCA’s private member network. While LCA does not sell, install or repair alarm systems; the Security Services department is always available to members as an unbiased resource in the ever-growing security alarm market.

Thinking of changing your phone service?

Please remember that any change in your phone or IP service provider can potentially disrupt your alarm systems’ connection with your monitoring service!

LCA wants to caution members from using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) method of alarm transmission, as this type of phone service is not yet fully regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and not all forms of this service may deliver alarm signal data with consistency.

You can read about these methods in our Technical Specifications.

If you are considering a change to your phone, IP or alarm service provide; let Security Services know. Your provider needs to be instructed to review LCA’s current Technical Specifications or speak with Security Services Staff; call 972-541-2345 or LCA Dispatch at 972-541-1312.



LCA has six (6) marked vehicles which patrol throughout the development 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patrol drives the general areas when not responding to calls or alarms on behalf of members. Patrol was designed to supplement existing City services; they are not law enforcement Officers. If you observe a crime or are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

Patrol provides an extra level of observation for our development and notifies City services or members when necessary.

If you are a member and wish to have your alarm system monitored by LCA or to need additional information about our Security Services, click here to email: .