Alamo Drafthouse – Las Colinas isn’t just another cinema/eatery, it’s an “Arthouse Theatre” with a true love for culture, diversity, community, and serving the cinephile. The founder and CEO, Tim League, is from Austin and he was inspired to make “a movie theatre by fans, for fans” and Alamo Drafthouse was born. In addition to new releases, Alamo Drafthouse plays classic films and independent films, but they are known for their signature programming.  Their signature programming pairs special films with themed food and drinks. For instance, Brunch on Broadway pairs beloved musicals with an exclusive brunch. Cereal Box Cinema, a program featuring family classics like Jingle All The Way, Master of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pairs nicely with all-you-can-eat-cereal.

With technology constantly changing and improving, it’s important that theatres also make sure that their projection technology keeps up. Alamo Drafthouse strives to stay up to date with the latest advancements. According to a 2017 article written by League and published on, League said that he has a lot of respect for the history of film making, and each Alamo Drafthouse is equipped with at least one reel-to-reel 35 mm projector. This allows the theatre to play classics and niche films complete with the visual grit, scratches, and imperfect audio one might expect. In fact, their signature series, Kung Fu Jungle, features 35 mm digital restorations of martial arts movies.  In order to use the 35 mm projector, projectionists must be specially trained and handle films with care.

When it comes to ticket prices, if you fall into the category of student, senior, military, police, firefighter, and other first responders, you are eligible for a discount. Don’t want to wait in a line for the movie? No problem! Alamo Drafthouse offers reserved seating which cuts down on lines and wait time.  Sometimes movie theatres can be crowded but at Alamo Drafthouse, they eliminated the front row to provide more room when essentially means that the front row of seats begins further back than traditional theatres.  Often impeding the movie-going experiences are chatty, disruptive attendees or texting addicts. Not at Alamo Drafthouse. They will remove any patron who doesn’t adhere to their “rules of watching movies”, which include no talking, texting, or using cellphones during the movie.

A full-service menu that includes salads, pizza, brunch, hot dogs, sandwiches, cookies, and nostalgic shakes, is available. Vegans have a few tofu selections here as well. For drinks, they have wine, a full set up of liquors and beer, including Texas and local brews.

Alamo Drafthouse is truly a Texas arthouse with a vibe, unlike any other dine-in cinema. It’s Austin roots are revealed from their theatre design to their eclectic selections and variety of films. Alamo Drafthouse Las Colinas is located at Toyota Music Factory, 320 West Las Colinas Blvd., Building A 2 in Irving, Texas. Grab your tickets at .


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