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The “Las Colinas Herd”, as they are warmly called, are back and bigger than ever! The Las Colinas herd are the lighted reindeer that graze at Island Greens during the holidays. This year they are accompanied by light wrapped trees and more reindeer. Twenty new deer have been added to make a total of thirty-eight deer, including Rudolph who is easily identified by his bright red nose. Eighty trees have been wrapped and can be seen at the E.O. Perry Flower Clock, the intersection of Highway 114 and O’Connor, and Island Greens. Over 150,000 individual lights have been installed in these areas.
The herd was started by the Las Colinas Land Limited Partnership in 1992 and eventually taken over by Las Colinas Association (LCA) in 1998. Eighteen reindeer were originally around the Flower Clock when the Las Colinas Land Limited Partnership started the herd. They were moved to Island Greens as they expanded and then took a hiatus for a few years because of construction on Highway 114. The construction caused Island Greens to have no electricity, so the deer were moved to the LCA headquarters for a while. The herd returned in 2018 and are here to stay! Grab your family and go enjoy the beautiful lights put up by LCA.