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If you’re passionate about healthy eating, are a vegetarian or interested in trying vegetarian options at Las Colinas restaurants this is the blog for you. Make today meatless Monday and try something new!

Amaravati Indian

Photo Courtesy: Amaravati Indian Restaurant

Amaravati is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can satisfy your hunger at any time of the day. From lentil soup to fried cauliflower tossed in Manchurian sauce to mixed vegetable curry there is a dish that will take you on a taste tour with its incredible flavors. They even have a menu that is exclusively all vegetarian dishes.

Andalous Meditteranean Grill

Photo Courtesy: Andalous Mediterranean Grill

Try a little bit of every vegetarian dish Andalous has to offer with their Veggie Prince Platter. This platter includes tabouli salad, hummus, cranberry spinach salad, fattoush, dolmas and couscous with roasted eggplant. You can also create your own platter from their large variety of dips, salads and hot vegetables.

Dera Grill

Dera Grill
Photo Courtesy: Dera Grill

Dera Grill is a Pakistani that has a vegetable-heavy menu. Start your meal off with veggie samosas or pakoras, two fried delicious appetizers filled with vegetables. For your meal Dera has channa masala, aloo palak, aloo gobi and mix tarka daal.

Desi District

Desi District
Photo Courtesy: Desi District

Desi District is both a market and a restaurant so if you find something you love you can buy the ingredients to make it there and try it out at home Their vegetarian-friendly menu includes vegetable curry, vegetable biryani, samosas, baby corn Manchuria and many more. You have to complete your meal with a piece of either their garlic, butter or plain naan.


Photo Courtesy: Dimassi’s

This meditteranean buffet is packed with vegetable options. Their hot vegetables include spinach with feta, Italian green beans, okra, cauliflower, eggplant, peas and carrots, seasoned potatoes and cauliflower. They have four vegetarian rice options including rice with dill, rice with vermicelli, rice with mixed vegetables and rice with lentils.


Photo Courtesy: Freshii

It says it all in their name, fresh! Freshii’s bowls are fresh, flavorful and come in many vegetarian options. Their market wrap, kale caesar wrap, superfood soup, spicy lemongrass soup, pangoa and bamboo bowls are all packed with protein and pair great with one of their fresh smoothies.

Hugo’s Invitados

Hugos' Invitados
Photo Courtesy: Hugo’s Invitados

Hugo’s popular lunch bowls come in prepared favorites and a create your own option. The vegan and vegetarian-friendly green bowl includes lemongrass rice, cactus relish, tomato, avocado, peppers, pumpkin seeds and queso fresco (you can remove the queso fresco to make it vegan). They also have Impossible™ meat which can be added to any salad or bowl.

India 101

India 101
Photo Courtesy: India 101

If you’re craving Indian food but need it to be vegetarian India 101 has a whole menu dedicated to just veggie options. They are the largest Indian restaurant in North America, leaving plenty of room for social distancing. They recently made their buffet virtual. Guests can go online and choose what items from the buffet they would like and it is packaged up for them to be picked up or dine in.

Masala Wok

Photo Courtesy: Masala Wok

Ever thought of trying masala on fries? How about potato and pea samosas? Or Tikka on pizza? Masala Wok has a wonderful Asian Indian fusion menu that is vegetarian friendly.

Modern Market

Modern Market
Photo Courtesy: Modern Market

Is the whole family vegetarian? Modern Market has meal kits that can be ordered with vegetarian options to feed the whole family. They have a pizza night, market deli and burrito bowl meal kits. Tofu and vegan cheese are available for all kits.

Namaste Bar & Grill

Photo Courtesy: Namaste Bar & Grill

Namaste Bar & grill has three kinds of vegetable momos, paneer tikka masala, vegetable curry, mushroom curry and vegetable thali to curb every vegetarian craving.

O’Desi Aroma

Photo Courtesy: O’Desi Aroma

All Kebabs at O’Desi aroma can be made with paneer instead of chicken, beef or lamb to make them vegetarian. The curry is create your own so you can choose between paneer or vegetables for the base and then choose between tikka masala, butter masala, korma, kadhai, spinach or vindaloo.

Original Chopshop

Original ChopShop
Photo Courtesy: Original ChopShop

Their motto is “Just feel-good food” and that is exactly what they serve. Each menu item is completely customizable and meat can be removed to create a vegetarian dish. All their acai bowls are vegetarian-friendly and their green curry tofu bowl is a great protein-packed lunch. Their menu is coded to highlight each vegan or vegetarian menu option, making it easy to find the perfect meal.


Photo Courtesy: Salata

At Salata, you can create your own salad or turn your favorite salad into a wrap. They have 12 dressings to choose from and more vegetables and fruits than most salad bars with over 50 different toppings. For protein they have quinoa, tofu and falafel.

Shawarma Press

Photo Courtesy: Shawarma Press

Shawarma press takes authentic Meditteranean dishes and gives them a modern twist. Their shawarma fries are an example of this and can be topped with falafel instead of shawarma meat. Their classic dishes are wonderful too and include hummus wraps, falafel wraps, tabbouleh and many other vegetarian Mediterranean favorites.

Shawarma World

Shawarma World
Photo Courtesy: Shawarma World

Elevate the favorite falafel sandwich to a falafel sub at Shawarma World. Bite-size falafel pieces are packed inside a sub bun and drizzled with your choice of tahini, tzatziki, ranch or garlic sauce and parsley. Tomato soup, lentil soup, Lebanese salad, fattoush salad, tabouli salad, caesar salad and greek salad all make perfect pairings with the sub.

Southern Spice

Southern Spice
Photo Courtesy: Southern Spice

Southern Spice has a whopping seven kinds of dosas and almost everything can be turned vegetarian. They also offer whole family meals with the option of aloo gobi methiwala, paneer tikka masala and saag paneer. The meal deal also includes vegetable samosas, naan and vegetable dum biryani.

Snappy Salads

Photo Courtesy: Snappy Salads

Sometimes you just crave a fresh, ingredient rich salad. Snappy Salads has any salad you could imagine. You can also create your own salad, so it is just how you like it. Snappy Salad’s online menu is able to be sorted by diet preferences, making it a snap to choose lunch.

Urban Eatz

Photo Courtesy: Urban Eatz

Urban Eatz is American Fare that has tasty plant-based options that aren’t the traditional salad. Their black-bean burger and veggie sandwich are the standout plant options. They also serve pizza and several salads without meat so there are options for everyone.

Via Real

Via Real
Photo Courtesy: Via Real

You don’t think of vegetarian when you think of Southwestern cuisine, but Via Real hasn’t been in Las Colinas for 35 years without having something on the menu to please every customer. Their vegetarian dishes include spinach quesadillas, squash enchiladas, spinach enchiladas, black bean ravioli and red chili pasta.

Vitality Bowls

Vitality Bowls
Photo Courtesy: Vitality Bowls

Vitality Bowls is more than just their delicious fruit acai bowls. You can pair one of those bowls with their avocado toast, veggie sandwich, spinach salad, kale salad, soup of the day or gladiator sandwich.


Yard House
Photo Courtesy: Yard House

Who said you can’t have boneless wings as a vegetarian? The Gardein™ menu at Yard House makes it possible! Gardein™ is a plant-based substitute for chicken, beef and sausage. This special menu at Yard House includes truffle mac and cheese, boneless wings, orange chicken and a grilled chicken and avocado sandwich. The wing sauce options include buffalo, Korean, ancho bbq or whiskey black pepper.

Zeytin Grill

Photo Courtesy: Zeytin Grill

Meditteranean food is always so easy to make vegetarian and it is so flavorful! Zeytin has falafel sandwiches and entrees, pita and hummus, babaganoush, salads and pastas. All vegetarian menu items are marked so they are easily identifiable.

Zoe’s Kitchen

Zoe's Kitchen
Photo Courtesy: Zoe’s Kitchen

Change it up from the usual pita sandwich or salad from Zoe’s and try their take on the Italian flatbread sandwich, piadina. Their mushroom and spinach piadina is a fun change-up and it’s vegetarian friendly. Their spinach and feta roll-ups are another fun change-up from the traditional Zoe’s menu.