Quarantine Meal Kit Recipes: Whiskey Cake

You may have noticed that local restauranteurs are getting pretty creative with how they’re keeping kitchens open during the shelter-in-place order. From margaritas to-go and pre-packaged family meals to rolls of toilet paper being included with your order. These are interesting times we’re living in, folks. One initiative that has really taken off are the take and make meal kits. Establishments such as The Ranch at Las Colinas, Whiskey Cake Las Colinas, and even Bar Louie are paving the way for this new trend. We’re tipping our hats to the entrepreneurial spirit of these restaurants by supporting their efforts through a new weekly cooking series.

Since most of these quarantine meal kits do not come with recipes of their own, we’re getting creative. Each week, a Las Colinas Association staff member will purchase a quarantine meal kit, cook it from their own kitchen using the ingredients provided, and share the results. This week we selected Whiskey Cake Las Colinas as are subject and purchased the Quarantine Survival Pack.

What was included:

Recipe One: Wagyu Beef Burgers (4)

Ingredients provided:

Wagyu ground beef

1/2 onion

Added ingredients for seasoning:


Black Pepper

Cayenne pepper

Garlic Powder


  1. Prep the grill (400 degrees Fahrenheit)
  2. Mix seasoning with ground beef in a clean bowl
  3. Shape beef patties (burger press recommended)
  4. Top each patty with additional seasoning
  5. Place on grill over direct heat (be mindful of flare ups!)

Serving suggestion:

Buttered Brioche bun




Fresh or grilled onions (add the onions to the grill for extra flavor)

Recipe Two: Roasted Pesto Chicken

Cook time: 3 hours

Ingredients provided:

Whole marinated chicken

Two bell peppers

1/2 Onion

Ingredients for added seasoning:

Olive oil

Garlic salt


  1. Prep the grill (220 degrees Fahrenheit, low heat)
  2. Brush chicken, peppers, and onion with olive oil
  3. Add garlic salt to chicken, peppers, and onion
  4. Place whole chicken on grill with indirect heat
  5. Check on chicken once every 45 minutes, turning each side of chicken directly towards heat source
  6. Move chicken over direct heat to crisp skin (also add veggies at this step)
  7. Remove once all ingredients show a nice, even browning

Serving suggestion:

Enjoy as shown with additional vegetables including asparagus and potatoes.

Leftovers? Don’t waste them! Add them to your stove top or crock pot and enjoy delicious chicken tortilla soup.