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Platinum Property status awarded to Las Colinas Apartments


Over the years, Las Colinas has welcomed a diverse mix of new development including several multi-family communities. Many of these communities showcase exemplary architectural guidelines adding further value and lasting presence to Las Colinas. In recent years, the Platinum Properties program was launched through the Las Colinas Association’s Property Compliance department. Multi-family communities that are carefully maintained in addition to meeting or exceeding guidelines have the opportunity to receive top honors.

The Property Compliance team performs year-round inspections of over 40 communities to determine their rank on the platinum grading scale. The highest marks are awarded to properties that continually maintain pristine lawn and garden care, seamless parking structures and sidewalks as well as an overall polished appearance. This past December, we were proud to present 14 communities with the highest ranking in the Las Colinas Association’s Platinum Properties program. Congratulations to the latest recipients: