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Lizzy Lu Luxury Treats
Lizzy Lu Luxury Treats owner, T’Juanna Winters and her two favorite bark flavors: Prickly Peppermint and Sunburst Lemon.

Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats has all the wonder and merriment of Willy Wonka’s sweet treat wonderland. From barks to cakes to candy apples in flavors original and creative, there are goodies to satisfy any palette. Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats was founded by T’Juanna Winters. She uses the freshest ingredients and the recipes have been passed down from her grandmother, who is the namesake of the store. The candies and cakes are all made with love in a cozy commercial kitchen by Winters and her staff.

Winters started making sweet treats for family and friends and packaging them in marvelous wrapping. Her friends and family encouraged her to sell the confections, which resulted in creating an online store.  After the online store took off, Winters began looking for a location to open a storefront.  Because of her affinity for the community, she made the decision to remain local and continues to reside in Las Colinas. Her dream was to bring a candy store like no other to the community. Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats’s storefront opened in Las Colinas Plaza, December of 2019.  Winters enjoys engaging with customers and meeting new community members. She aims to keep her luxury treats at an affordable price without diminishing quality. She wants anyone and everyone to have the opportunity to indulge in her confections.

Lizzy Lu Luxury Treats

The flavors you will find on her expansive wall of barks, you can’t find anywhere else. The candy bark is high-quality chocolate mixed with nuts, dried fruits, candies and other morsels broken into pieces that resemble tree bark. Flavors range from traditional peppermint to whimsical Dreamsicle. Winters is always creating new flavor profiles — her Halloween themed options include Autumn Spice, Apple Pie and Cruella. Cruella is a combination of cookies and cream and strawberry cheesecake barks. Autumn Spice is Winters’s twist on pumpkin spice. Keep your eyes open for new Halloween flavors as Winters is always imagining new flavors.

If you’re preparing for holiday shopping and on the search for unique confections, several of their festive bark options are available including Prickly Peppermint, Winter Nog and The Grinch. Winter Nog is Winters’ twist on egg nog and The Grinch is comprised of 50% Sweet & Salty Almond bark and 50% Grouch bark (Pistachio and Toffee).

If cookies are your kryptonite, Lizzie Lu’s Shookies are for you. Winters named her signature cookies, Shookies because you will be “shooketh” after one bite. These colossal butter cookies are drizzled in warm butter and topped with fruit, crumbled cookies, marshmallow fluff or other sweet toppings. The flavors change every three to four days, so you’ll always have a new treat to try. The flavors that are always available are Gorilla and Butter shookies. A current fall favorite is their S’mores, which is a decadent chocolate cookie topped with marshmallow fluff and a graham cracker drizzled in chocolate. The flavor profile will transport you to a cool fall night by the fire.

Photo Courtesy: Kathy Tran

Candy apples are the quintessential fall treat and Lizzy Lu’s confection takes this indulgence to a new level. Granny Smith apples are handpicked and dipped three to four times before rolled in various toppings. Winters wants to make sure there is just as much candy coating as there is apple inside. Coatings include white, dark or milk chocolate and are rolled in nuts, fruity pebbles or even rice crispy treats. These aren’t your usual carnival candy apples; these are the ultimate candy apple experience.

Even the packaging at Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats is created with the customer in mind. Winters opted for clear apple jars and clear cellophane to package her treats so customers can experience the artistry of the whole confection. Customers leave with their yummy sweets placed in a bright pink Lizzy Lu Luxury Treats bag.

Winters established Lizzy Lu Luxury Treats on the Winters’s family principle that if you do good, you’ll do well. Because of her passion to aid underserved children and seniors, she created the 501c (3) Lil Lizzie Foundation. The foundation has given away backpacks of school supplies to children in need, free haircuts for children, Thanksgiving meals, bicycles for kids and more. To learn more about her foundation, click here.

This holiday season, impress your family, friends and kiddos with one-of-a-kind Lizzy Lu Luxury confections that will have everyone raving for more. You can find Lizzie Lu Luxury Treats at 4020 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 120, Irving, TX 75038. You can browse their online store here.