Dallas Burke named General Manager of DCURD

Dallas Burke
Photo Courtesy: Dallas Burke

Dallas Burke has been named the General Manager for DCURD, following Jacky Knox’s retirement this October.

Dallas Burke began his career at the Dallas County Utility Reclamation District (DCURD) in 1987 as a boat operator for the Las Colinas water taxis. The Water Taxis carried passengers between buildings on Lake Carolyn and also provided small and large tour operations, private charters and dinner cruises.

Three years after becoming a boat operator, he was promoted to Manager of the water taxis. He held that position until DCURD closed the water taxi service in 1998. Dallas then moved into the maintenance operations department as the Properties and Projects Supervisor. He held that job until 2001 when he was promoted to Operations Supervisor in charge of maintenance, dredging operations and small projects.

In 2008, he was promoted to Operations Manager and took the lead in Flood Control Operations for DCURD. As the District took management and operations functions for the Irving Flood Control District Section III (Valley Ranch) and then Irving Flood Control District Section I (old Texas stadium area) he set up and organized flood control and maintenance operations for those districts as well. During DCURD’s time managing those districts, they have completed dozens of infrastructure and flood control projects and operated flood control operations through some of the wettest seasons in Irving history.

In 2018, he was promoted to Assistant General Manager of Operations for DCURD and named General Manager by the Districts Board of Directors in September of 2020.

“It has been my great fortune to be trained by and serve under great managers for DCURD – Assistant General Manager Paul Brown, Operations Manager Mike Streeter (retired) and recently retired long time General Manager Jacky Knox.” Dallas said, ” The lessons learned under those men and training received will continue to serve me well as I take on the responsibilities of General Manager of DCURD.”

Dallas also gives credit to many of his employees for their hard work and expertise. He believed DCURD has some of the hardest working and most skilled staff. Dallas said he is honored to work with them all.