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The Mexican avocado is so cool it has its own marketing firm. No, really! Avocados from Mexico (AFM) has been marketing the quirky, creamy, buttery, green fruit since 2013. Their goal is to increase avocado usage and awareness. AFM does this by debunking myths, incorporating avocados into dishes, showing how the avocado can increase profits in restaurants, and educating chefs and culinary students on how to prepare avocados. But what is so special about the avocado? Unlike its sandwich competition, the tomato and the bacon strip, the avocado can be combined into a number of recipes including baked goods and smoothies. It can be fried, frozen, blended, pickled, scooped, smashed or used as a topping. The avocado is available year round. It truly is more than just the base to guacamole but the marketing firm behind the avocado is unique too.
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