A taste of New Orleans in Las Colinas

By: Jessica Hubble | LCA’s Digital Marketing Specialist

Mardi Gras is around the corner and has us thinking about crawfish, beignets and all the treats New Orleans has to offer. You don’t have to go all the way to the French Quarter to get a taste of New Orleans. You can get it right here in Las Colinas! Home to over 200 unique restaurants, Las Colinas has a handful of Cajun restaurants that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Its crawfish season and no Louisiana celebration is complete without these tasty shellfish. Green Gator in the Toyota Music Factory sells fresh boiled crawfish by the pound accompanied with corn and potatoes. The crawfish are flavorful and full of signature Cajun spice. Green Gator serves this Louisiana delicacy with extra Cajun seasoning and butter on the side in case you need more of either.

To wash it all down, Green Gator serves an array of drinks inspired by Bourbon Street thirst-quenchers. To get a true NOLA experience, a classic Hurricane or an Abita beer will do the trick. Both are sure to cure the heat left by the crawfish.

Etouffee is a beloved staple in Cajun kitchens. This dish uses the cooking process of smothering and is typically a shellfish served over rice. Cajun Crab Pub has a delectable shrimp etouffee. This dish is bursting with flavors of bell pepper and Cajun seasoning. It is served with a side of garlic bread to soak up the delicious roux left in the bottom of the bowl when you’re done. All the hallmarks of Louisiana cooking are commissioned in this dish: seafood, roux, onion, Cajun seasoning and hot sauce. Your taste buds will be in heaven when sampling this plate.

There’s no better way to spend a morning in New Orleans than sipping a Café Au Lait while munching on a beignet from a local café. Walk On’s brings the blissfulness of a fresh beignet right to Texas. A fresh order of beignets includes 4 pillows of dough piled high with powdered sugar. If they aren’t sweet enough already, a side of chocolate sauce comes to dip them in. They arrive fresh and warm ready to be devoured and take you to the riverfront at Café Du Monde.

Grab your beads and masks and head out to one of these great spots to get a taste of Mardi Gras in Las Colinas!

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