LCA Recognized Properties December 2021

The Las Colinas Association Property Compliance department serves to protect your investment by overseeing the architectural standards of Las Colinas. Our Property Compliance Representatives drive LCA marked vehicles routinely through the community meeting with members, conducting courtesy reviews, and recognizing exceptional properties. These properties–both commercial and residential–showcase the very definition of curb appeal. They continually follow LCA standards, are regularly maintained and use our representatives as a resource to ensure they are in compliance.

Each month, the Property Compliance department selects four exceptional residential properties to be honored as a Recognized Property. Each recipient receives an official letter from their Property Compliance representative, yard sign and recognition on the website and social media pages. Congratulations to December 2021’s Recognized Properties:

  • 7272 Marquis Lane in Bridges of Las Colinas
  • 644 Clearwater Drive in Lakes of Las Colinas
  • 7330 Comal Drive in Riverside Village
  • 1601 Crockett Circle in Cottonwood Valley