Maintaining LCA’s annual budget, managing all member account information, and performing Human Resource functions are just a few of the things that LCA’s Administrative Services does. LCA has over 8,000 residential and commercial properties and this department maintains all financial information, researches assessed value, and generates forms for Statements of Account, Resale Certificates, and Estoppel Certificates.


LCA requires the services of many vendors. Administrative Services makes sure our vendors are paid as well as LCA’s 46 employees.


This department processes Resale Certificates, Estoppel Certificates and ACC payments that come with the submissions. In 2018, they processed over 600 resales and approximately 80 estoppels.

However, their busiest time of year is June through August when they are preparing and processing assessment information. The assessment calculation uses the appraised value of the property based on the preceding year’s certified roll by Dallas County Appraisal District.  The current assessment rate for LCA is $0.14 (fourteen cents) per $100 (one hundred) of that appraised value. The assessment applies uniformly to all property owners, including, but not limited to, offices, retail, single family, multifamily, warehouses, and unimproved land. Assessments are due July 1stevery year.


An important time of year for Administrative Services is the Annual Meeting of Members.

This department sends out Annual Meeting Notices, proxy information, and oversees the mailing and vote tabulation. This is no small task.


Other things to know:

Our Administrative Services Department is made up of a Director, a Database Administrator, an Assistant Database Administrator, and two Accounting Assistants. For questions, send an email to membermoney@lascolinas.orgor call 972-541-2345.