National Nacho Day


Today is National Nacho Day! This versatile dish can be topped beef, poultry or even seafood. Pair it with am ice-cold brew or frosty margarita to complete your Tex-Mex experience. We’ve compiled a list of Las Colinas restaurants that have dishes to celebrate the occasion.

Bar Louie


Photo Courtesy: Bar Louie

Bar Louie has all your bar food favorites including nachos. Their chicken nachos feature black beans, queso, jalapenos, pico de gallo, radishes, scallions, cilantro and avocado cream.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop


Photo Courtesy: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Put a Texas twist on this classic with Fuzzy’s brisket option. It is tortilla chips topped with smoked brisket, shredded cheese, queso, feta, pico de gallo and their famous garlic sauce.

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine


Photo Courtesy: Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

Gloria’s Grandisimo Nachos are loaded with all their best ingredients. This dish is piled high with seasoned chicken and fajita skirt steak served with guacamole, sour cream, black beans and shredded cheese.

Hugo’s Invitados


Photo Courtesy: Hugo’s Invitados

Are you looking for a healthy option for this fan-favourite? Hugo’s has your back! Their smoked salmon nachos feature herbal Purepecha avocado puree, sustainably sourced salmon, organic mango relish and fresh blended mango-habanero yogurt.

Lupe Tortilla


Photo Courtesy: Lupe Tortilla

Lupe Tortilla kicks this dish up a notch on the spice scale. They pile fajita chicken, beans, jack cheese and grilled poblano peppers on top of tortilla chips and serve it with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.



Photo Courtesy: Matitto’s

Mattito’s nachos start with beans and cheese — and you can add everything your heart desires. Seasoned ground beef, fajita chicken, fajita beef or any combination is available to add on top.



Photo Courtesy: PINSTACK

You can have PINSTACK’s nachos as an appetizer or a whole meal, they willl fill you up either way. PINSTACK’s dish comes with all the fixings.



Photo Courtesy: Reservoir

Try something new at Reservoir by adding chili or pulled pork to your nacho stack. This dish is finished with guacamole and jalapeno.

Spirit Grille

Spirit Grille

Photo Courtesy: Spirit Grille

Spirit Grille’s nachos royale are fit for a king. You can choose steak or chicken — it is garnished with black beans, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos and pico de gallo.

Taco Diner

Taco Diner

Photo Courtesy: Taco Diner

Taco Diner’s Nachos Primos features spicy ground beef, chicken tinga or pork pastor nachos topped with black beans, jack cheese, guacamole, crema and pickled jalapeños.

TacoMex Las Colinas


Photo Courtesy: TacoMex

TacoMex has various options for their nachos — ground beef, fajita beef or fajita chicken. They are dressed with whatever your heart desires.

The Green Gator

Green Gator

Photo Courtesy: The Green Gator

This cajun restaurant cooks up more than just cajun food, the Green Gator has some great Tex-Mex as well. Their chipotle chicken nachos are crispy tortilla chips covered with refried beans and melted cheese. It is served with sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole and jalapenos.

Yard House

Poke Nachos

Photo Courtesy: Yard House

Yard House puts their own unique touch on nachos with their poke nachos. Marinated raw ahi tuna is piled onto crispy wontons then garnished it with avocado, serranos, white truffle sauce, sweet soy ginger sauce, sriracha aïoli, cilantro, green onions, nori and sesame seeds.