Mowing Schedule

2023 Vacant Lot/Field Mowing Schedule

Owner or Contract Mowing

CYCLE 1—March 20 to March 27

CYCLE 2—April 17 to April 24  

CYCLE 3 – May 15 to May 22

CYCLE 4—June 19 to June 26  

CYCLE 5—July 17 to July 24

CYCLE 6—August 21 to August 28

CYCLE 7—September 25 to October 2

CYCLE 8—November 6 to November 13

Enforcement Mowing

March 28

April 25

May 23

June 27

July 25

August 29

October 3

November 14

Mowing Specifications

  1. Eight (8) cycles of mowing according to the schedule established by The Las Colinas Association. Adjoining public rights-of-way must be included.
  2. Mowing height is not to exceed a maximum of six (6) inches.
  3. Trimming must be provided around all items a minimum of twenty (20) feet back of street curbs and property lines adjacent to developed sites. TU Electric equipment further than twenty (20) feet away from the curb must be trimmed around.
  4. Curbs must be edged — grass and dirt must be swept/blown out of the street. Limbs, litter, and debris must be removed from the property.
  5. Only those portions of field tracts containing active growth of spring wildflowers may remain unmowed. The owner should notify the Association of their intentions to avoid enforced mowing.

Program Operation

The Las Colinas Association administers the annual field mowing program and defines adequate mowing maintenance of undeveloped lots and field condition expansion areas as adherence to the above specifications.

It is the owner’s responsibility to notify their contractor of the mowing schedule and convey the importance of adhering to the schedule.

If mowing, trimming, and curb maintenance are not provided prior to each enforcement date, the Association will hire a contractor to perform the needed work, at the owner’s expense. (Ref.: Article VI, Las Colinas Declaration).