Kiss Kibble Goodbye; Home Cooking for Fido

By: Jessica Hubble | LCA’s Digital Marketing Specialist

Like most millennials, I am obsessed with my dog, Sasha. She is a 12-year-old Border Collie that we have spoiled so much she thinks she’s a person. I show photos of her to people and dote on her as if she is my child. I’ve been told that I have more professional photos of my dog than most people do of themselves. Hazards of being a photographer for a living, I guess?

When I heard that Homegrown Hounds, a holistic pet supply store at Gables Water Street, was hosting cooking classes for dogs, I was already looking for the leash and calling for Sasha. I’m sure Sasha was excited too because this meant she would get a treat!

Homegrown Hounds sells gourmet dog food and dog treats; the owner, Melanie Fox has done extensive research on nutrition for dogs and has even consulted many different veterinarians to create healthy wholesome food. The goal is to help your beloved pet live as long as possible, while solving allergies and other ailments through proper nutrition. Homegrown Hounds was also created to support the Dallas/Fort Worth nonprofit rescue efforts of Hound Haven, an all-volunteer, foster based dog rescue.

Along with the nutritious treats and dog food, Homegrown Hounds hosts “Yappy Hours”, birthday parties for dogs, paw painting events, puppy yoga, and holiday parties. This “Starbucks for dogs” venue has “dog proof” flooring, furniture and is the perfect place to bring your pooch and your laptop and get some work done. They have a four-foot-tall counter to prevent dogs from jumping up and stealing any treats and there’s a dog fence with a gate around the front and back door to prevent dogs from escaping.

The space was well designed for pups but let’s get to the cooking class I came for. The cooking class was full of people and their canine companions. Individual burners were set out with everything we would need; ground turkey, vegetables, grains, vitamins, a pan, and utensils. We were provided with the recipe and instructions to take home or refer back to while cooking. Fox lead the class and gave us helpful hints and tips as we went along. She explained the importance of each ingredient and the health benefits for your dog. For example, your dog’s diet should be 60% meat, 20% veggies, and 10% grains. Cooking for your dog at home is a growing trend and actually a more cost-effective and nutritious route than regular kibble. This is because regular kibble is primarily made of carbohydrates and not protein.


When the class was over, we were given a container to take the food home with us. Homegrown Hounds has a feeding guide on their website where you enter your dog’s weight and activity level and the calculator tells you how much of the homemade food to feed your dog. I waited until I was home to let Sasha try her new food, so it had time to cool. She was eyeing the container the whole ride home. We got home, I fed her dinner and she licked the bowl clean!

Homegrown Hounds is the perfect place to spoil your fur baby and to learn more about their health. We will definitely be back!