Ghost Kitchens in Las Colinas

Have you been curious to try a ghost kitchen? With the rise in popularity of delivery during the pandemic, ghost kitchens have began to pop up everywhere. A ghost kitchen is a restaurant with no seating that focuses on delivery through a third party app or their own delivery drivers and curbside pickup. Las Colinas is home to seven unique ghost kitchens. Step out of your comfort zone and try one of these new culinary experiences.

Bob’s Kitchen

Ghost Kitchen

Photo Courtesy: Bob’s Kitchen

Bob’s kitchen serves a wide variety of cuisines. They have anything you are craving including Mexican, Asian, Indian, American and more. You can order delivery from Bob’s Kitchen on their website, UberEats, DoorDash and Postmates. For curbside pickup call 972-255-0400.

Modern Chinese Kitchen

Ghost Kitchen

Photo Courtesy: Modern Chinese Kitchen

Modern Chinese Kitchen was born out of the idea to serve healthy quality ingredients married with age old southern Chinese szechwan recipes. Modern Chinese Kitchen can be ordered for delivery through GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats. For curbside pickup call 214-239-1625. 

Side Door Taco

Ghost Kitchen

Photo Courtesy: Side Door Taco

Side Door Taco is a ghost kitchen operated by Lamberti’s Ristorante and Wine Bar. They get their name from the location where customers pick up their orders; the side door of the Lamberti’s Ristorante and Wine Bar building. Side Door Taco serves authentic street tacos and delightful frozen drinks. Side Door Taco is delivered by Doordash, UberEats, Postmates and GrubHub. To order curbside pickup call 972-501-9701.

Central Kitchen

Thirsty Lion Gastropub has started an online food hall called central kitchen. All four of their ghost kitchen concepts are available from the Thirsty Lion Gastropub in the Toyota Music Factory. You can order pickup and delivery from their website. You can add items from different concepts all in the same order.

Pizza & Spice

Ghost Kitchen

Photo Courtesy: Pizza & Spice

Pizza & Spice offers traditional pizzas, wings and salads. The perfect, quick dinner option for the busy family.

Southern Jewel

Ghost Kitchens

Photo Courtesy: Southern Jewel

Southern Jewel offers traditional southern cuisine. Comfort food classics such as fried chicken and mac and cheese are staples on their menu.

Killer Wings

Killer Wings

Photo Courtesy: Killer Wings

Killer Wings offers bone-in and boneless wings with seven different choice of sauces to baste them in. Their sides include more than the traditional French fry — onion rings, tater tots and sweet potato fries are also available.

Soy Joy

Soy Joy

Photo Courtesy: Soy Joy

Soy Joy offers a little bit of every kind of Asian cuisine. Included on the menu are ahi poke bowls, sushi, sesame chicken, ramen and more.