Experience Game Day Energy; Where to Watch Football in Las Colinas

By: Jessica Hubble | LCA’s Digital Marketing Specialist

I love watching sports but sometimes sitting on my couch at home just doesn’t cut it. It’s not the same atmosphere as being around my fellow fans cheering on my favorite team. Because of this, I set out to find a great place in Las Colinas to catch the Cowboys game. I set my sights on Bar Louie after reading their menu online and hearing that they were the favorite local bar.

Bar Louie is the perfect place to catch a football game with the laid-back atmosphere and the ability to seat yourself. You can choose the best vantage point to see the game. 8 large, flat screen TVs promise that there isn’t a bad seat in the house. The rolling door windows were rolled up, and it felt like I was at a fall tailgate. There was no shortage of team spirit, even the servers joined in by wearing their favorite NFL team jerseys, a majority of which were Cowboys’ jerseys, of course.

The crowd was covered in their Cowboys’ colors and almost lost their voice cheering on America’s team. Even though Bar Louie was packed with cheering fans, the volume was at a level where I could understand the people around me. The friendly neighborhood atmosphere that Bar Louie hosts were mirrored by both sides of opposing teams’ fans cheering.

To complete the excursion, a portion of the food on the menu is reminiscent of a tailgate food but with elegant flair. Everything from wings to nachos to sliders. The wings come in three different sauces. I recommend the buffalo bone-in wings, by the way. The beef sliders are taken to the next level with onion bacon jam and garlic aioli. Both of these appetizers paired well with a pint of Sam Adams winter lager. Seasonal hints of cinnamon and orange balanced with malt make this beer perfect for the cold weather. Bar Louie has rotating beers that change with the seasons, so you are always sure to find one to fit the time of year.

The service was exceptional. My glass never fell below half full before my waitress was asking if I wanted another, and the dishes were cleared in an ample amount of time. The food was even served before I could finish my first drink.

The atmosphere and fun energy helped soften the blow of another Cowboys loss. We all lamented but hold hope they will do well in games to come. That’s the Cowboy’s spirit!

The electric atmosphere, scrumptious food, and delightful service provided an exceptional backdrop to spend an evening watching football. I’m so glad I didn’t stay home on the couch with the cats.