Looking for a light, but satisfying lunch? Tired of the same soup and salad routine? The delight of Zeytin Mediterranean Grill might be the answer to your dilemma. Mediterranean food is known for its use of olives, pita bread, delightful spices, and fresh flavors. The cuisine is light enough to not leave you feeling weighed down, making it the perfect choice for lunch.  

Situated behind the iconic E.O Perry Flower Clock, Zeytin is located at 114 East John Carpenter Freeway #100. Zeytin is Turkish for olive, a staple in Mediterranean cuisine and an ingredient prominent in Zeytin’s dishes. They offer a buffet lunch as well as their regular menu items and have catering services.  

For a start, you can never go wrong with hummus and pita. Their hummus is a perfect blend of tahini, chickpeas, garlic and other spices. The pita has a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top and served warm. Pita bread can be refilled as many times as you wish so none of the delicious hummus is wasted. 

For lunch, we recommend the chicken shawarma plate. The chicken is marinated in cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and paprika. The pieces of chicken are stacked on a skewer to cook and the skewer constantly rotates. The chicken is then cut off in thin pieces. These tasty morsels are juicy and seasoned perfectly. 

The plate is served with a fresh Greek salad and basmati rice. The Greek salad is lettuce piled high with diced cucumbers, onions and tomatoes and dressed in a light citrus vinaigrette. Unlike most vinaigrettes, Zeytin’s is not overpowering and sweet. It complements the fresh salad well. The buttery, aromatic basmati rice is the perfect carb to accompany this meal.  This slender grained rice has a nutty flavor that blends with the spices in the shawarma. 

This meal won’t leave you feeling sluggish when you get back to the office but will keep you full until quitting time. Zeytin’s bright, fresh flavors will have your taste buds dancing and fulfill your craving for something new and different.