With so many new commercial and residential developments in the community, the Association has been keeping busy. Gables Water Street is shaping up and Toyota Music Factory has revitalized the Urban Center. The community can also look forward to two hotels and many more restaurants soon.

The Architectural Control Committee, along with Plan Review staff, are responsible for reviewing submissions. This time of year, Plan Review staff receive lots of submissions on landscaping, pools, decks and outdoor kitchens. Once the plans are received and approved, they are brought before the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Residential Review Committee or the Commercial Review Committee for formal review. Both committees are made up of members from commercial and residential communities. This year two new members have joined the Architecture Control committee. Dinah Kirkpatrick has joined the Residential Review Committee replacing Nora McCaa who served 2 years, 3 months and Residential Review Committee member Cheryl Feigenbaum has replaced Chris Allen who served 5 years, 2 ½ months.

Security Services still boasts a 5-minute response rate from Patrol personnel and the Alarm Monitoring Service is rolling out a new wireless mesh radio alarm monitoring system this year. Our Security Services Department monitors members’ existing security alarms for free. Members must have a City of Irving Alarm Permit and the alarm systems must be installed by a Texas State licensed alarm company. When Patrol is not responding to alarms or incidents, they are monitoring our community and responding to calls on open garage doors. In fact, in 2017, Las Colinas Association Patrol responded to an average of 366 open garage door calls per month! That’s 366 times an opportunistic thief could have shopped for a new bicycle, weight set or maybe even try to get inside your living room to claim your big screen. Don’t forget to close your garage door at night and when you leave your home. Open garage doors are an open invitation to property theft and it can be a costly mistake.

The Common Property Department is responsible for the beautiful uniform appearance of our green spaces, medians, shorelines, and parks throughout our community.  They know their trees, ground covers, shrubs, and flowers! Now is the time to plant! This is a great time to plant ground covers, trees, and warm-season annual flowers. LCA’s Common Property Department suggests that new trees should be fertilized to stimulate growth.

LCA’s Community Relations Department, along with the Irving Economic Development Partnership and Dallas Business Journal, recently sponsored Corridors of Opportunity: Las Colinas, A Master-Planned Masterpiece. This event was held at Toyota Music Factory on March 1st and featured local top executive panelists: Krista Bourne of Verizon, John J. Hedrick of Pei Wei, Noah Lazes of ARK Group, Bill Lucia of HMS and Steve Van Amburgh of KDC Real Estate Development & Investments.

This year, the Administrative Department upgraded LCA’s proxy vote system to allow both paper and online voting methods to better assist property owners in casting their annual meeting votes. Now property owners receive a code and website address via USPS mail.