Las Colinas is known for our business-friendly environment, beautiful neighborhoods, signature landmarks and the Urban Center. However, what makes Las Colinas one-of-a-kind is our architectural uniqueness. Some of this architectural uniqueness can be seen in our color beds throughout the community, as well as, our green spaces. Our standards support the routine maintenance of properties, from house paint to front yard plants.

The Property Compliance Department at LCA is fundamental to making sure our architectural uniqueness is upheld throughout the community, in new and existing properties. They do this by routinely checking that residential, commercial, and multifamily properties conform to Las Colinas Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that apply to each property.
Not only do they ensure construction is done according to approved plans, Property Compliance Representatives also make sure properties are properly maintained. When non-compliance is noted, the property owner is notified by way of a letter indicating which items are not in compliance with the applicable deed restrictions and/or approved plans. This department works directly with owners to develop a timeframe that guide when changes or repairs must be made.

Last year, Property Compliance added a more in-depth Apartment Inspection Program that has been very successful in helping apartments maintain and/or improve their properties. This year, Property Compliance will add a new member to the team to keep up with Las Colinas growth.

Other things to know:
Currently, LCA has six representatives, and one director, that drive marked vehicles from 8 am to 5 pm.
Several team members are currently on track for code certifications both at the State and National level.
For questions, send an email or call 972-541-2345.