Scenic landscapes and vibrant flowers are hallmarks of Las Colinas. LCA’s Common Property Department provides maintenance for more than 475 acres of parks, street medians, greenbelts, and common areas in Las Colinas. Our Common Property Department maintains city-owned medians, thousands of trees, and color beds which hold over 150,000 units of seasonal color.

One of the functions of the Common Property Department is Litter Control. Four Common Property team members strive to ensure that Las Colinas is clean and attractive. They patrol more than 100 miles of street right-of-ways and common areas five days per week and collect approximately 16 bags of trash per day throughout the development.

In addition to Litter Control, this department administers a development-wide mowing program of unimproved deed-restricted properties to ensure these properties are mowed a minimum of eight times each growing season. The result is a uniform appearance throughout the community.

Last year, Common Property’s irrigation software was updated to which allows for better management of water and quick notification if water lines are damaged. View Common Property’s hard work at the E.O. Perry Flower Clock, Island Greens, Founder’s Park, University Hills Parks including Rochelle, Old Rochelle, Flag Pole Hill, Rosita, and Wingren Parks.

Other things to know:

Our Common Property Department is made up of a Director, a Common Property Supervisor, and Irrigation Coordinator, all with over 18 years of experience at LCA. Additionally, this department has four Common Property Maintenance Workers. For questions, send an email to or call 972-541-2345.