The weather has turned cold which means the slow cookers and Dutch ovens have fired up. The scents of classic comfort food waft through the air; soups, chili, fried chicken and everything that warms your insides and fills your heart with nostalgia. Las Colinas is home to over 200 unique restaurants, but which has fantastic comfort food? We turned to our Facebook fans and the resounding answer was Jam + Toast.

Jam + Toast is a cozy café located at 3351 Regent Blvd. They opened last December to much praise. Breakfast and lunch is served from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; perfect for early risers and those who like to catch some extra Zs. The interior décor is modern but laidback and the staff are responsive, never letting your coffee cup get below half full.

We asked our Facebook followers what menu item was the most coveted and the top recommendation was chicken and waffles. What can be more comforting than crisp fried chicken and a buttery waffle? Jam + Toast’s chicken and waffles come with four waffle triangles, a hearty portion of fried chicken breast, cream gravy and maple syrup.

The fried chicken is perfectly golden brown with the right amount of crunch. The inside is not dry and cooked just right. Seasoned to delight your taste buds, the breading coats the chicken with the perfect amount of spice and goes well with the cream gravy.  The waffles are a wonderful sweet companion to the salty fried chicken. As waffles melt in your mouth, you are reminded of a childhood ice cream cone.

To accompany this delectable dish, I recommend a hot cup of coffee, sure to warm anyone up on a cold day. Their coffee is not run of the mill coffee, they serve Segafredo brand coffee straight from Italy. A sip will transport you to Rome with silky, rich chocolate notes and an almond finish. Both hazelnut and regular cream are available to dress your coffee.

If you are looking for good, down-home comfort food, Jam + Toast is the place to go! Indulge yourself in their mouthwatering menu and take some extra time to sip their coffee while enjoying the company friends.