The name, Boi Na Braza Churrascaria, can immediately cause an alert, cognizant person to begin drooling uncontrollably while experiencing phantom hunger pains. Thoughts and visions of various meats begin dancing in their heads. The Brazilian steakhouse is largely known for their famous meat selections but they have great beer, wines and mixed drink offerings.

For the beer drinkers, they have over 20 varieties, including 3 from Brazil. Wine drinkers have over 160 wines to choose from with many reds from Argentina and Chile. If you want to branch out from wine and beer, tell the bartender to bring you a Caipirinha. The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail. Be careful with this one, though. It sneaks up on you.

The upscale bar area can seat up to 22 people comfortably. There are two TV screens to watch a game or the news.

What you should order:

The Caipirinha is worth a try! The first sip is reminiscent of a lighter version of the margarita. It’s sweet, earthy, exotic, fresh and green. The Caipirinha contains crushed lime, org

anic sugar and cachaça. It’s uncomplicated and stripped down. What really makes this drink unique is Cachaca, which is made from fresh sugar cane juice.

Contact Info:

Boi Na Braza Churrascaria is located at the Toyota Music Factory at 310 W. Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 130 in Irving, Texas.