Can You Turn a Baylor Bear into a Yogi Bear?

Can You Turn a Baylor Bear into a Yogi Bear?

By: Jessica Hubble | LCA Digital Marketing Specialist


Can you turn a Baylor bear into a Yogi bear?


This Baylor bear decided to find out by attending classes at the new We Yogis – Las Colinas at 5240 North O’Connor Blvd., #166. I went into this experience with some basic knowledge of yoga but in no way am I a seasoned yogi. I can do a mean downward dog and a warrior pose but don’t ask me to balance on my elbows, my head, or anything like that. As a twenty-something fresh out of college and new to the professional world I am always up for a challenge and ways to relieve stress, making We Yogis the perfect opportunity for both!

We Sculpt

When I read “We Sculpt” on the schedule of classes, I honestly didn’t give it much thought. Maybe weights would just be introduced into a yoga flow? Nope! I was oh so wrong! This is not your traditional yoga class! It is a sculpting class that is bookended with a yoga warm up and cool down. This class featured a mix of aerobics and weight training with 8 lb. and 5 lb. hand weights. The instructor emphasized going at your own pace, taking breaks when you needed to, and making sure to hydrate between sets. This pleasantly challenging full body workout left me sore and dripping in sweat. Because of that, this class is not one you want to take if you have a happy hour with friends or a dinner date afterward. The room was heated to 86-88 degrees, which may sound dreadful, but it was comfortable and you are going to sweat no matter what anyway!

We Flow

Now, if you’re looking for a traditional yoga flow that will get you sweating and work all your muscles, this is the class for you. We Flow is for all levels and the instructor walks you through every step. If the class becomes too much or you need a break, you can always move into child’s pose to catch your breath. Yoga blocks are available to help with any modifications you may need to make.

I left We Flow feeling refreshed and calm but also like I got in a good workout. It was so refreshing to feel all the stress of work and life melt away and focus on myself for an hour. This would be a great class to take during a lunch hour to help forget about that 8 a.m. board meeting!

Rockin’ Yogis

I was nervous about this class since it was advanced, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up and have to figure out how to sneak out the back. All those worries were put to rest when the instructor said he would give us modifications and we could go into child’s pose whenever we needed to. The class was a fast-paced yoga flow that had many familiar poses, but it also had poses that involved head/handstands and balancing on your arms.

The instructor emphasized us finding our own flow and doing what felt right to our body because “yoga is a journey, not a destination and there is no I can’t, there is only I am not able to do that now, but I will work to get there”.  Isn’t that great?

I don’t know if I became a Yogi bear but after experiencing the wonderful variety of classes at We Yogis, I feel as though I could maybe, one day, balance on my elbows or my head. All in all, my experience at We Yogis was a lot of fun! The instructors were helpful, the music was motivating, and I feel stronger and less stressed. We Yogis provides yoga mats, towels, and water for a fee and offer classes at a variety of times so you can make it before or after work as well as on your lunch hour. Unfortunately, they do not have showers but they have changing rooms and restrooms to change and freshen up in. To experience We Yogis Las Colinas, visit them online at or in person at 5240 N O’Connor Blvd #166.

Jessica Hubble is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Las Colinas Association and a graduate of Baylor University.