Bourbon and Bowling: An Unconventional Mother’s Day

By: Jessica Hubble | LCA’s Digital Marketing Specialist

My mom is anything but the stereotypical mom. She enjoys classic rock and roll and has been known to play it so loud, the floors shook in our house. Mom also enjoys the outdoors and nature. Growing up, many of our family vacations included camping on the Padre Island National Seashore or in the Ouachita National Forest. She knows Texas Rangers baseball like the back of her hand and can be heard yelling in excitement two counties away when they are playing well. These few sentences barely scratch the surface of how eclectic my mom is. I am sure you can tell by this brief description that a generic Mother’s Day brunch just wouldn’t cut it.

I racked my brain about what great Mother’s Day adventure I could create in Las Colinas, there are so many options. I could’ve chosen brunch at LAW, a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, or matching pedicures at Ciel Nail Lounge but I decided on taking her to Whiskey Cake for appetizers and a whiskey flight followed by a night of games and bowling at PINSTACK.

Whiskey Cake was the perfect eclectic choice with their light bulb flower vases and farm to table menu. We sat on the bright, breezy patio and enjoyed three appetizers and a flight of Texas bourbons. My mom is normally a white wine drinker, but she enjoys a good bourbon every now and then. Every bourbon is a whiskey, not every whiskey is bourbon. By law, bourbon must have 51% corn in its unique mix.

We chose the Texas flight because bourbon is our favorite whiskey and we’re both Texas women, born and raised. The Texas flight included Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon, Rebecca Creek 306, Balcones Baby Blue, and Herman Marshall.

There wasn’t a bad bourbon in the batch but our favorite by far was the Rebecca Creek 306, with Herman Marshall coming in a close second. Rebecca Creek 306 has a woody, vanilla aroma and the taste is full of spice and vanilla. The finish is smooth and clean, you don’t feel like you can breathe fire afterwards either. It won’t burn your throat.

For appetizers, we picked the small local board, steamed black mussels, and we couldn’t come to Whiskey Cake without getting their amazing fried green tomatoes. The small local board included lamba cheese, niman ham, pimento spread, Texas honeycomb, and truffle cheddar cheese. It also came with refillable bread, which was much needed with how amazing this board is. The board changes with the seasons so it is fresh. The lamba cheese was creamy with the pleasant bite of good goat cheese. I enjoyed layering the honey, lamba cheese, and niman ham on top of the warm bread.

The steamed black mussels came in a smoked chili broth with roasted tomatoes, Tasso ham, red onion, and kale. The mussels were rich but not heavy and had a slight spice at the end. They tasted fresh and made us feel like we were eating mussels at a beachside restaurant.

After Whiskey Cake we walked over to PINSTACK, which is right next door. We grabbed our shoes and headed to the lanes. Mom, of course, made me play without gutters and beat me terribly. We had so much fun though! The PINSTACK staff was attentive and made sure we were taken care of. PINSTACK is more than just bowling, so we had to check out the arcade. The pinball machines were our favorite games to play because they piped out Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin tunes while we played!

Thinking outside the box for Mother’s Day was a hit and mom loved every minute of it! There are so many unique things to do in Las Colinas maybe next year we’ll opt for a wine tasting at Nosh & Bottle and paddle boarding in Lake Carolyn!