Around the world on a Saturday

By: Jessica Hubble | LCA’s Digital Marketing Specialist

Four Seasons Markets’ Las Colinas Farmers Market is not your typical Famers Market. At the Las Colinas Farmers Market, you can find handmade jewelry, artisan olives, balsamic vinegar imported from Spain, and traditional Hungarian “Whirly Cakes”; in addition to fresh produce and organic meats. Who would have thought all these great vendors would have fit in Lamberti’s parking lot?

In Waco, where I attended Baylor University, we had a huge downtown farmers market that everyone went to on Saturday mornings. It was one of my favorite things to do when I lived there, so I had high hopes going to the Las Colinas farmers market. I hoped to find something just as wonderful, or even better than one of my favorite college haunts back in Waco. I was not disappointed! What I found was even better than I imagined.

My first stop was at the Urban Goat Greens booth. I’m not sure what attracted me there other than the name was intriguing. Urban Goat Greens is an organic farm located in east Texas that specializes in growing microgreens and lettuce. Everything they grow is grown without the use of any soaps, sprays, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They had a tray of microgreens available to sample and encouraged me to try the sunflower microgreens. I was a little skeptical at first because I had never heard of them, but I was pleasantly surprised. Sunflower microgreens have a nutty sweetness and the consistency of buttercrunch lettuce. Molly, one of the Urban Goat Greens farm owners, told me they are good cooked or raw. She suggested sautéing them with pasta or throwing them in a salad. Sunflower microgreens are 18% protein, making them a great filler for any dish.

Another best seller of theirs is their “All Dressed Up” Italian salad dressing which was featured in D Magazine in September. The dressing has no added water which doesn’t sound like much but means you can leave it out on your counter, and it won’t spoil, and you don’t have to refrigerate it like most dressings which saves you some fridge space! Fridge space is definitely a hot commodity this time of year. The salad dressing is made mostly of organic ingredients. The apple cider vinegar gives a dash of lovely acidity and the fresh herbs taste like they were picked out of the garden this morning. The dressing also has a hint of balsamic vinegar which adds a wonderful tart but sweet fruity flavor. “All Dressed Up” is not your typical Italian dressing and would be wonderful to marinate chicken with or drizzle over fresh cucumbers and carrots.

I was drawn to the next booth because I saw olives and sun-dried tomatoes, two of my favorite hors-d’oeuvres. Amanida is a family owned business that specializes in olives, pickles, and vegetable preserves. Their products are made in Spain and Italy, and imported into the United States and around the world. They operate in more than 20 countries and 4 continents and have been at it since 1960. Everything was available to sample, even their white balsamic vinegar and balsamico nero vinegar. I recommend the roasted artichokes in sunflower oil, sun-dried tomatoes in sunflower oil, white balsamic vinegar, and Catalan grilled onions. All make for the fantastic beginnings to a create your own charcuterie board or stand-alone appetizers.

Before I parked, I had driven by a Hungarian “Whirly Cones” booth. I was so excited because I spent 6 weeks in Hungary in college and “Whirly Cones” were my go-to street food. They are also known as Chimney Cakes or Kürtőskalács. A traditional chimney cake is a tunnel of flaky, heavenly sweet bread coated in cinnamon sugar. They are slow cooked on a rotisserie over a flame. I ordered a traditional Whirly Cone with cinnamon sugar and the first bite immediately took me back to the bustling streets of my beloved Hungary. The Whirly Cones booth had lots of different options from sweet to savory, anything from Oreo to garlic herbs and cheese. If you really have a sweet tooth, fill them with ice cream and toppings- this was another favorite from my time in Hungary.

The Las Colinas Farmers Market, hosted by Four Seasons Markets, is held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturdays at 7201 N. MacArthur Blvd, in the parking lot of Lamberti’s. With unique artisan items and food, this farmer’s market makes for a great Saturday morning activity after brunch!