2020 Annual Meeting of Members

Las Colinas Association

Due to our current global situation surrounding COVID-19, the Las Colinas Association’s 2020 Annual Meeting of Members has been moved from Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 4 p.m. to Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 4 p.m.  As such, voting  has been extended up to the meeting date.

Please note: The Annual Meeting will take place via Zoom conference and not in person this year. For member validation and security purposes, please email us at liaisons@lascolinas.org with your participation request, including the property or properties you represent, by June 15th. We’ll reply with a link to register for the meeting.

The Annual Meeting notice, voting proxy, candidate biographies and a booklet that explains the details of proposed amendments were sent to members in February. If you have not received yours or have an issue, please contact Jennifer Austin, Managing Director, at jaustin@lascolinas.org or 972-541-2345. You may cast your vote until noon on June 16th.

Member inquiries will be addressed during the Q&A portion of the meeting. Please submit your questions below or sign-up to call-in and ask your question directly by noon on June 16th.

Annual Meeting Q&A 2020

Pre-submit your questions or comments, or sign-up to speak live at the meeting.
  • Inquiries will be addressed live during the Q&A portion of the virtual Annual Meeting of Members. Questions will be screened prior to the meeting and assorted based on relevance. We will be in contact with you directly if we are unable to address your question during the meeting.
    Members must pre-register in order to ask their question over the phone. If you would like to call-in and speak during the Q&A portion of the meeting, select 'Yes' and additional information will be shared via email. Please note that call-in requests will be handled on first come, first served basis.
Annual Meeting Agenda 2020
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