Annual Meeting Recap 2022

The Las Colinas Association held their Annual Meeting virtually on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. Below you will find the Annual Meeting results and a recap of the meeting.

Board candidates election results

  • Harry Lake – Commercial representative
  • Carl Klinke – Residential representative, returning board member

Harry replaces Rachel Kramer who served nine years on the Las Colinas Association Board of Directors from 2013 to 2022. Rachel also volunteered her time to serve as a member of the LCA Commercial Architectural Control Committee in 2013. On behalf of the LCA, thank you for the many years of service on the Board and to the community.

Officer position results (as determined by the Board of Directors)

  • Sushil Patel – Chairman
  • Danny Opitz – Vice Chairman
  • Kenneth Gwyn – Board Secretary
  • Barbara McNutt – Treasurer

Staff Service Recognition

5 years

  • Raquel Burns
  • Amanda Espinoza
  • Anita Moss
  • Zach Orr
  • Hammond Perot
  • Jeff Posival

10 years

  • Jim Kolm

15 years

  • Stephen Craig
  • Diane Sainton

25 years

  • Kelly Reeves

40 years

  • Lynn Strickland

After nearly 37 years of service, Penny Hayter (Director of Security Services) retired in December 2021.

2021 Annual Report