Annual Meeting Recap 2021

The Las Colinas Association held their Annual Meeting virtually on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. Below you will find the Annual Meeting results and a recap of the meeting.

Board candidates election results

  • Ken Reese – Commercial representative, returning board member
  • Kenneth Gwyn – Residential representative

Kenneth replaces Dr. Steve Nguyen who served on the LCA Board of Directors as a member from 2014-2020 and then as Board Chairman from 2020-2021. On behalf of the LCA, thank you for the many years of service on the Board and to the community.

Board position results (as determined by the Board of Directors)

  • Sushil Patel – Chairman
  • Danny Opitz – Vice Chairman
  • Rachel Kramer – Board Secretary
  • Barbara McNutt – Treasurer

Staff Service Recognition

  • Jan McKenzie, Security, 20 years
  • Rebecca Neeley, Payroll Manager, 10 years

2020 Annual Report