Voting Rights in
the Association

All owners of property covered by the Las Colinas Declaration are members of The Las Colinas Association and have one vote for each $100 of assessed value. The membership votes to elect the Board of Directors at the Association’s Annual Meeting that will be held on March 24 at 4 p.m. The membership may be called upon to vote on other matters from time to time during the year.

Accounting Services

The Accounting Services Department provides support services for the general operations of the Association and responds to vendor inquiries, assessed value questions, assessment billing issues, lien inquiries, and the issuance of Statements of Account and Estoppel Certificates. This department also tabulates voting results for any matters placed before the Association membership for consideration. Some general information related to Accounting Services is detailed below:


The Association’s Declaration and Bylaws provide for an assessment to be paid by each property owner in the Association. The assessment is presently established at the rate of $0.14 per $100 of total value as determined by the Dallas Central Appraisal District for the preceding calendar year and does not recognize homestead exemptions as part of the calculation. Assessments are due by July 1 of each year and cover the calendar period January 1 through December 31. The assessment applies uniformly to all property owners, including, but not limited to, offices, retail, single family, multifamily, warehouses, and unimproved land. The annual assessment forms the nucleus of the revenue that funds Association operations.

Property owners in the residential villages also pay an additional assessment to their independent homeowners or condominium association to support the various services within their private villages. If you need information regarding village assessments, please visit Neighborhood & Villages.

Statement of Account / Estoppel Certificates / Resale Certificate

The Las Colinas Association, as the Master Association, will provide the information required for the sale or refinance of unimproved land or properties that are 100% complete in their construction by issuing a Statement of Account (Residential Properties Only), Estoppel Certificate, or Resale Certificate upon receipt of the appropriate request forms and document processing fee.

Statements of Account and Estoppel Certificates are not issued for properties that are under construction.

If you have any questions regarding the Statement of Account, Estoppel Certificate and/or the Resale Certificate for the Master Association, please click on the appropriate link: Residential Request Forms or Commercial Request Forms, e-mail: or fax 972.717.9628.

To request additional information about finance, fees, accounting, or assessments, email: